Top grocery stores and restaurants have told us that our natural grass-fed beef has a flavor and tenderness unlike any other grass-fed product. But don’t believe us—check out the following reviews!

 "My husband just bought a Green Egg (Grill) and wanted to experiment with a beef roast, so I bought 2 of your chuck roasts from our local health food store. After his fabulous seasoning, he slowly cooked both 2 lb. pieces, between 250-300 degrees for about 6-7 hours. A pan of water underneath the meat and wrapping it in tinfoil at the end with the juice and water produced the best chuck roast I have had since my childhood!! The meat was so tender and delicious; I could hardly believe this was a grass-fed cut of meat.

I hope Nature's Patch will begin to carry other cuts of meat from you and better yet, I hope other health food stores in our Tampa Bay community will begin to carry your products. Thank you for your dedication and love of wholesome farming. Please know I deeply appreciate all you do to provide consumers with good healthy choices of grass-fed beef. I will share your story with my clients and friends."
Cindy K.

“I have been the chef for Kelso & Company for more than 12 years and was always looking for organic grass-fed beef. I am very fortunate to work in a place where high food quality is expected, and where I can cook for others exactly what I would cook for myself and my family: organic, healthy meals, using the best ingredients available. So, when I tried the Wild Sky beef from Montana, I knew I had in front of me an incredible product. Grass-fed beef, without the grassy flavor usually found in similarly raised cattle. So tender that it’s hard to believe it is not corn-fed beef. Wild Sky beef does not have the overpowering taste of game meat and is full of beef flavor, no matter what cut I have tried so far. Last night I brought home some beef stew for my 11 year old son who loves meat, and he could not stop eating what he said was the best meat ever. I totally agree with him, it actually may be even better than the beef I was eating in the Greek mountains where I grew up. I only wish Wild Sky raised chickens as well.”
– Kostas

“I’m always looking for the best products for our restaurants. In my opinion Wild Sky is it!"
– James D

"After several requests our local grocery store started offering grass fed and finished beef. They've tried a couple of outfits that didn't work out. Recently they started offering your product and I just want to tell you it's some of the best beef I've ever had!  Thank you for your commitment to raising good, healthy cattle the old fashioned way!"
– Marcia N.

"Tried the ground beef today and it was the best I've ever eaten.   It was tender and had a nice natural flavor.   I will purchase more and vary my choices.  Thank you for keeping your product REAL!!"
– Donna G.

"I just wanted to let you know that my fiancée and I really enjoy your beef.  We can really taste the difference between regular meat and yours. And not only does it taste so much better than regular ground beef, but it's a good feeling knowing it's antibiotic and hormone free. I'd like to thank you for that."
– Jasmine W.

"Wow!!!! I purchased one of your rib eyes locally.  It was by far the best steak I have ever prepared/eaten. Thank you."
– Sandy C.

"I recently purchased your grass-fed beef (flank steak). As you might be aware, good grass-fed beef is rather difficult to come by for the right price. The beef from your ranch not only seems to have a good quality taste, but also seems more reasonably priced than other grass-fed beef I have experienced in other high-end grocery chains. Thank you!"
– James P.

"Thank you so much for getting back to me with such a helpful (and impressive) response. You have a great program. I enjoyed one of your steaks for lunch the other day – it was fabulous! I look forward to being able to buy such a great product at my local supermarket!"
- Carolyn S.

"I’m calling to thank you for making beef the way it is supposed to be made.  My family will NOT eat any other beef."
– Wendy N.

"I can definitely taste the difference.  Keep up the great work!"
– Andre’ S.

"I'd like to thank you for providing a healthy alternative to the hormone and antibiotic riddled meats that are so abundant today.  I was thrilled to find that my local grocer here is carrying your grass-fed beef.  I probably eat about 3 lbs of the boneless chuck roast on a weekly basis.  Delicious!"
– Eric B.

"I tried your beef and loved it.  I now eat it weekly and I just feel better.  Thank you for bringing this product to market!”
– Jean H.

"I represent a group of 12 of my friends who are committed to only buying clean, humanely raised proteins.  Yours is the best beef we’ve been able to find by far.  Thank you for taking the time to educate me on how you get such great, clean beef to our local store."
– Katherine B.