The Beef


Wild Sky is proving that top-quality grass-fed beef rivals grain-fed standards. Unlike most grass-fed beef, our beef is consistently tender, juicy, and flavorful, which keeps customers coming back. The Wild Sky team is very proud of every steak and cut we send out. And here’s the kicker: the profits from the beef we sell go right back into supporting wildlife-friendly ranching.

Wild Sky’s Guarantee:

  • Wild Sky beef is 100% CHOICE grass fed beef—no grain ever.
  • All cattle are born and raised on U.S. family farms.
  • Our beef is 100% drug- and hormone-free.
  • All cattle eat a vegetarian diet—no animal byproducts.
  • All meat is source verified.
  • All meat is USDA-inspected.
  • Wild Sky’s inventory includes whole primals and retail-ready cuts.