Fathers Day Grilling Recipe from Wild Sky's grill master Gary Bay

1 - Pick up a whole tenderloin at your local store, I like Rosauers.

2 - Trim off excess fat.

3 - Slice steaks at least 1.5" thick, I prefer 2" inches for this cut.

4 - Season steaks lightly. My choice is Spade L Ranch Beef Rub (I can’t believe I am giving away my secret!)

5 - Let steaks stand at room temperature for at least 30 minutes with the rub on them.

6 - Fire up the grill and brush, then oil the grates. Once it’s hot sear the steaks on each side (don’t close the lid or it will speed up the cooking process).

7 - After both sides are seared, move steaks away from direct flame and close the lid, maintaining a temperature of 250-300F inside the grill.

8 - Use a thermometer to check the steaks as they cook, “I recommend Thermo Works, which takes temperature in 3 seconds so you do not have to leave the lid open very long.”

9 - Cook steaks until they reach 130 degrees. Remove from grill and let stand for 10-15 minutes. They should be bright pink most of the way through.

10 - Bon Appetite—If you followed directions you should be able to cut your steak with a fork!